Liability Insurance

Public Liability: This covers a firms liability at law for injury to persons (other than its employee) and damage to property (other than the firm’s own or for which they are responsible.

Products Liability: This form of cover is intended for any company involved in providing goods as a manufacturer as they would need cover for products liability. It gives cover for legal liabilities of an insured for death of or injury to a customer caused by a faulty product and also for any damage to their property e.g. hair chemicals with wrong ingredients that can cause damage.

Employers Liability: Covers a firms legal liability or injury to its employees.

Residual Liability: when an award is made by the National Social Security Authority to an employee it does not take into account negligent behaviour by any part. If they find that an employer was in any way negligent then they will impose a fine. The amounts of fines are set out in the appropriate act. This policy covers the payment of those legally imposed fines.

Professional indemnity: protection for professional firms such as solicitors architects, accountants against loss or damage suffered as a result of professional negligence for example a pharmacist giving the wrong medicines to a client.





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