Business Insurance

We provide a wide range of covers for practically all type of exposures and provide customised solution to cater to the specific needs of our customers. The types of cover offered are as follows;

Business All Risk: Policy caters for businesses and professionals who need cover for equipment away from the premises and also accidental damage cover both at and away from the premises. The type of equipment covered would be:

a) Medical instruments
b) Tools
c) Stand and their contents at exhibition and trade fairs
d) Radios, televisions, video recorders and cameras
e) Computer, calculators and other portable devices.

Assets All Risks: This is a combined policy that is designed to cover business with high value insurable assets. It covers
a) Fire and Allied
b) Theft
c) Money
d) Goods in transit
e) Glass
f) Business All Risks
g) Business interruptions
h) Accounts receivable
i) Claim preparation costs
j) Additional increase in cost of working

Office Contents: covers contents of an office of professional people such as lawyers insurance brokers and estate agents. It covers the under listed among other perils
a) Fire
b) Lightning and explosion
c) Theft
d) Accidental damages to mirrors and glass forming part and the office furniture
e) Loss of money

Group Personal Accident
: Policy is taken by companies to cover its employees against sudden and unforeseen accidents. It covers for death, permanent disability temporary total disablement and medical expenses as a result of an insured accident.

Business Interruption: Also known as consequential loss or loss of profits. This insurance seeks to indemnify the insured for the loss of turnover and continuing cost as a result of an interruption to the business following damage by an insured peril. This policy will pay during period of interruption for:

  • Loss of profits
  • Wages for employees that the insured needs to keep
  • Rent or bond repayments while the building is being reinstated

Bonds and Guarantee: This policy covers
a) Construction
b) Custom and Court Bonds
c) Mortgage Guarantee
d) Performance
e) Bid Bonds

Money: covers loss of money on the premises or in transit.
It covers money,

  • At the insureds premises during business hours whether it is in a safe, a till or secured elsewhere on the premises.
  • In a locked safe or storeroom when the business is closed for business.
  • In transit to and from the bank.

Glass: under this policy one can insure plate glass of any type against accidental damage and breakage. This can apply to windows, shelves and glass in office furniture. It also covers damage to the frames and lettering on window if they are damaged at the same time as glass.

Fidelity: this policy protects the insured against losses of money and goods caused by the dishonesty of any of his employees. This applies to contract employees as well as other employees.

Accounts receivable: this is a type of consequential loss insurance. It covers the loss of income caused by the accounts being destroyed by an insured peril and the company then being unable to trace its debtors.

Goods in Transit: The Goods in Transit policies can either be for loss or damage to goods following fire, collision or overturning of the carrying vehicle for all risks. The all risks cover applies whilst the goods are being loaded onto and off the vehicle and during temporary storage during the journey. The goods can be insured either by the owner or by carrier and cover can apply to road, rail and postal carryings.

Theft: This only covers losses as a result of a break in or hold up excluding shop-lifting. Theft must be as a result of forcible and violent entry to or exit from the insured buildings or any attempted threat or as a result of theft or any attempt threat following the use of threat of violence.

Defective Workmanship: This form of cover is needed for businesses where physical work rather than products are involved such as a vehicle or machinery repairs for example, if a component is put back wrongly into the vehicle or piece of machinery and an accident results then the policy would cover the damage caused.

Travel: covers emergency medical and related expenses, personal injury, personal property and personal liability.




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